Behavior Modification
Begins with a Smile

PALS, Inc. is a professional caregiver agency with offices in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles Counties. We support adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in meeting their unique goals and needs for greater work opportunities, broader community access and sustainable increases in independent living skills.

“...Behavior Change Begins with a SMILE!”

At PALS Inc., our mission is to help people with intellectual, and/or developmental, physical and socio-emotional disabilities find meaningful work opportunities, increase their community mobility, receive self care supports with dignity, improve with anger management skills,  and to provide meaningful supports in other life skills according to the person-centered needs of the individual being supported. 

Opportunities for a Lifetime


By engaging in recreational activities, our participants can gain new skills, try new things, and experience success, contributing to an increased sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

Have Peace of Mind

Our dedicated professionals are always ready to assist our participants. We are committed to providing the highest level of care and service for your loved ones.


Our participants work one on one with our staff members to learn vocational training skills and job training skills at our job sites.

Success Stories

Living with a developmental disability can present unique challenges, but it doesn't have to define an individual's potential for success. Here are some inspiring stories of our participants with developmental disabilities who have improved their confidence and skills and achieved their aspirations!

Client Testimonials

Jon H.

"Since being here at PALS Inc. I made good friends and learned how to make a resume and apply to jobs. My job coach and I are working together closely to reach my goal of getting a job and starting a family... I'm confident i'll get there!"

Luis Romero

"It's like working with family, I'm loving it!""

Margie Hill

"The Day Program here at PALS is very good, I love the staff and the clients very much"

Our Heroes

Our heroes here at PALS have made not only an impact in their field but also on other people's lives with their compassionate nature, dedication, and determination to help others reach their full potential. 

"I love working at PALS Inc. I have the privilege to get to know the individuals in our program as well as learning to understand what makes them unique and special and growing from it..."
"As a little girl I always wanted to be a superhero; I wished to fly, have super strength and save people that were in danger. I remember jumping off my bed with one arm reaching for the sky and the other on my hip while shouting, “Don’t worry, I’ll save you!” I was Superwoman..."
"I’ll never forget the moment when I saw my daughter for the first time; It was love at first sight. She weighed only one pound and had big bright blue eyes. Her name is Baloo, from the Jungle Book- she’s my 3 year old kitty. Baloo is extremely loving when it comes to my wife and I."
"My name is Winfred and this is my hero story! I will revile a bit of my hidden talents and my kryptonite! I hope everyone is staying safe and I hope you have a great day!"


How do I receive services from PALS?

Please contact your social worker and ask for a referral to PALS, or you may contact PALS directly, and we will assist you.

Do I have to pay for services?

PALS typically receives authorization to provide services thru the Regional Center, County Agencies, or School Districts. The authorizing agency provides payment directly to PALS.

Does PALS have experience working with people who have behavioral challenges?

PALS specializes in working with people who may have one or more challenges adjusting to everyday independence, whether it be socio-emotional difficulties or disabilities, e.g., depression, Schizophrenia, a history of abuse, and so forth, as well as with people who need more self-care support, e.g., using the bathroom independently, crossing the street, etc. The common denominator is that the persons served have mild to profound involvement with an intellectual disability.

Can I attend part-time?

PALS offers full or part-time, including tailored day services.

Is transportation provided?

PALS has a wide range of vehicles, including vans with hydraulic lifts for persons utilizing a wheelchair. Transportation is funded thru the authorizing agency, and PALS will pick you up at your home and drop you off at the end of the service day.